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The following are excerpts from a sampling of notes Julie Ann Ausbrook received from students:


It has been in your classes that I produced my favorite work. As an artist yourself, you know that great feeling after having just created something. I always felt pushed to do my best in your class. It really does mean a lot to me. My love of portraits (in fine art and photo) came from your assignments and help. I can never thank you enough for the inspiration, help, Ideas, kick-starts, and motivation. ~JK


Thank you for everything a million times over. You have made such an impact on countless people’s lives. Through your limitless support, I have grown in wisdom, drive, and courage. I can only hope that life may give back to you as much as you have given this word in beauty, talent, and grade. ~AK


I want to say thank you so much because without you this year, we could not have been where we are and did what we did in Hip Hop Dance Club. Thank you. I’m glad we had you because I could not see it without you. It was because of you that we got this far. I’ll miss you always. ~RW


Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! Out of all best teachers I had at Guerin, you were my favorite. Art was the only class I looked forward to because no other teachers let me be creative. Also, thank you for opening up my eyes to new forms and techniques of aft. You were a great teacher. Thank you also for agreeing to sponsor the Gay/Straight Alliance next year. I hope it works out. ~KN


You are one of the reasons I didn’t mind coming to school. I’m gonna miss you. ~TB


It was definitely a privilege to have you as a teacher. I learned so much about art from you. I also would like to say thank you for your warm, open heart. You’re always willing to talk to us about our problems and give us the best advice possible. People respect you for who you are. I hope I have another class with you. ~ MM


One thing you taught me is that art is not about what other people think about it is what you feel in it or what you think it should be like. It’s all about imagination! I guess I want to thank you for being such an amazing person. Your spirit has made me want to do this. Thank you for showing me how to do things. You are the greatest art teacher I have ever had. I have not learned more from anyone. You are honestly the coolest and best teacher I have ever had. Thank you so much and you will be missed. ~LA


I first had you as my teacher my sophomore year taking art fundamentals. I never knew a teacher could be so nice and encouraging as you. You actually took time out to help your students one-on-one and to show examples in your lesson Even if a student had a little bit of difficulty in art, (in my case a lot of difficulty), you gave us pointers. Thank you for your kindness.  ~BB


You are probably the most sweetest and understanding teacher. You are patient and it is great coming to your class. All of your projects have been great. I believe this course opened me up so much more to appreciating art my artwork and others as well. I’m looking forward to painting with you next term.  ~VM


You are a great teacher and I thank you for putting up with me (most teachers won’t). But anyway, I loved your class and you’re a great teacher and I learned a lot. I will see you next year in class. ~JL

Thank you Ms. Ausbrook for helping me every time I needed it you truly made taking this course worth it! I will always remember having the best time doing this course because it challenged me but in a good way and it encouraged me to get outdoors more. I will always remember your name Ms. Ausbrook, thank you so so much for doing everything you could for me! ~LB

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